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Why did you choose a career in Makeup?

I have always been a creative type, I take a very out of the box approach to almost everything and I love to use things for their non intended purpose; I was able to complete my Makeup study while managing a beauty salon.  After my eldest son was born I left the salon environment to have the work/life balance I needed as a new mum. I commenced working for myself… and I’ve never looked back! I now have 3 boys (yes our house is very noisy!).

During the Covid years (2021) I expanded my knowledge by completing my Beauty Certificate III – I am passionate about helping you create and love yourself as you are. In my eyes beauty and makeup services are there to empower! 13 years have passed since those initial days but I still love my job as I did on day one, taking care of people and giving support where ever needed is what makes my world spin.

Why is my Service unique?

Every artist has different qualities, styles and an overall approach to makeup. Personally, I have a very real approach, from the skin up! To enhance your beautiful features and truly listen to what YOU want – yes I take the non verbal cues too! In particular I am well known for my classic, natural/very natural looks and airbrushing. I love to support and create for my clients at every occasion and if that means helping you sew a charm on your bouquet, sew a button, zip up dresses or just sit with you in the moment when things get a little real… I will be there. I am also known for rescuing Brides when other Artists pull out or cancel (if this is why you are here visiting my website, contact me HERE!).

Where can you view my Work?

To follow my day to day makeup life and work visit my Facebook and Instagram profiles. You’ll see snap shots of whatever I’m up to – including everyday Me!

Instagram: @tynealehahnmakeupartist

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