Wedding Features

Real Wedding Editorial Features:

2021: Brisbane Wedding Magazine – “Laura & Sam”, Brisbane Wedding Magazine -“Tiffany & Jacb”, Boho Weddings (UK) – “Laura & Sam”, Ideal Bride – “Claire & Pat”, Ideal Bride – “Zoe & Harry”, To the Aisle Australia – “Zoe & Harry” To the Aisle Australia – “Grace & Michael”, Polka Dot Weddings – “Jes & Alexx”, Brisbane Wedding Magazine – “Jodie & Cameron”, Brisbane Wedding Magazine – “Grace & Michael”, Polka Dot Weddings – “Hollie & Mitchell”, Bespoke Bride – “Adam & Sophie”.

2020: Polka Dot Bride and Polka Dot Weddings – “Sarah + Traecy”, To the Aisle Australia – “Dominique + Ben”, Polka Dot Bride – “Kelsey + Aaron”, Brisbane Wedding Magazine – “Dominique + Ben”.

Bridal Editorial Features:

2021: Dreamy Magazine – “Simply Lavender”, To the Aisle Australia – “Delicate”, Glamour & Grace – “Mercy in Bloom”, Magpie Weddings (UK) – “Blushed Love”, Pretty & Punk Weddings – “In Bloom”, Magpie Weddings (UK) – “Just the 2 of us”, Plans & Presents (UK) – “Pink, Flamingo, Ballet Slipper”, BLoved Magazine – “Exquisite”, Pretty & Punk Weddings – “Graceful”, To the Aisle Australia – “The Butterfly”, Magpie Weddings (UK) – “Blossum”. 

2020: One + One Magazine – “Sakura, Sakura”, Bridal Bible Weddings – “Sakura, the beauty of Love”, Your Queensland Wedding – “Welcome to the Lockyer Valley”,  To the Aisle Australia – “Ho ‘olaule ‘a” (Celebration), Ideal Bride – “Mau Loa” (Forever), Your Queensland Wedding – “No Kau a Kau” (Eternity), Love INC – Traditional Polynesian with a Modern Twist, To the Aisle Australia – “Feel the Magic”.

2019: Queensland Brides – “Simplistic Green & White”, To the Aisle – “Eclectic Boho”, Ideal Bride – “Mr & Mrs Smith”, Ideal Bride – “Historic Elegance”, To the Aisle Australia – “A Bride in her Cape”, Bridal Bible Weddings – “A Bride in her Cape”, Ideal Bride – “Springtime in the Orchard”, To the Aisle Australia – “Sakura the beauty of Love”.

2015: The Wedding Playbook – “Colour me Vintage”.

Written Editoral Features:

Polka Dot Weddings – Wisdom Blog – “Wedding Planning Tips & Celebrating your #pineapplemoment along the way!”
Polka Dot Weddings – Wisdom Blog – “Bloom Work, wearable florals for your Wedding Day” 
To the Aisle Australia – “Finding a Professional: #covidsafe Wedding Makeup & Hair”- exclusive article for subscribers
To the Aisle Australia – “Re-plan your Wedding Day [post COVID]”
Bridal Bible Weddings – “How to find and book your Wedding Day Makeup Artist”
Bridal Bible Weddings – “The 7 wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup; Step by Step”
Bridal Bible Weddings – “Disaster! How do I fix a Wedding Day Makeup Emergency?”

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