HALF DAY $450 (4hrs)

FULL DAY $750 (8-10hrs)

Please Note: Prices above do not include travel expenses.

Editorial Features:

2020: One + One Magazine – “Sakura, Sakura”, Bridal Bible Weddings – “Sakura, the beauty of Love”.

2019: Queensland Brides – “Simplistic Green & White”, To the Aisle – “Eclectic Boho”, Ideal Bride – “Mr & Mrs Smith”, Ideal Bride – “Historic Elegance”, Madison Fashion Magazine – “Fields of Harlow”, Madison Fashion Magazine – “Snowwhite Deconstructed”, To the Aisle – “A Bride in her Cape”, Bridal Bible Weddings – “A Bride in her Cape”, Ideal Bride – “Springtime in the Orchard”, Katwalk Fashion Magazine – Cover and “Aviator”, To the Aisle – “Sakura the beauty of Love”.

2018: Vogue Italia – “Brooke”, Beau Nu Magazine – “Flourish”, Amanda Palmer Editorial Shoot.

2017: Ellements Magazine – “Bold”, Beau Nu Magazine – “Radiance”, Elegant Magazine – “Glimmer of Youth”.

2016: Vogue Italia – “Brooke”, Volition Magazine – “Oil Slick”

2015: Vogue Italia – “Alex”, Vogue Italia – “Rebecca”, Ethereal Art Magazine – “Grassland Spirit”, Obsscurae Magazine – “Restless Heart”, Like a Lion Magazine – “Golden Sea Haze”, Zephyr Magazine – “Sea Swept”, Ellements Magazine – “The Road to Allora”, Feroce Magazine – “Ocean Awaits”, The Wedding Playbook – “Colour me Vintage”, Obscurae Magazine – “Fashion Warrior”, Pump Magazine – “Into the Woods”, Feroce Magazine – “Orchid Disposition”.

2014: Skin, Beauty & Soul Magazine – “Hunting Faith”, Whim Online Magazine – “Whisper your Song”, Skin, Beauty & Soul Magazine – Cover and “Gypsy”, Feroce Magazine – “Laced”, Mystic Magazine – “Wandering Light” and “Emerging”.

Written Editoral Features:

Bridal Bible Weddings – “How to find and book your Wedding Day Makeup Artist”
Bridal Bible Weddings – “The 7 wonders of choosing your Wedding Day Makeup; Step by Step”
Bridal Bible Weddings – “Disaster! How do I fix a Wedding Day Makeup Emergency?”


Vogue Italia

As seen on… Vogue Italia Online

Editorial Shoot for Amanda Palmer


As seen on the Cover of Katwalk Kids and Feature Editorial

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