COVID-19 Current Status:
Step 3 Ease of Restrictions

In my job as a Makeup Artist I am unable to social distance which increases the certainty of me contracting the virus if I was to take care of someone infected – regardless of the PPE I use I will always be deemed a close contact due to the close proximity and duration of time I spend with each client. I take proactively managing my COVID risk very seriously to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of my business and the safety of my family. 

Before your appointment:
1. Check the Queensland Government Contract Tracing alerts HERE and honestly advise if you have been at any of these locations or on the same flights.
2. Complete my COVID questions honestly 24-48hrs prior to your appointment. (No response, No appointment.)

25 September 2020 COVID-19 Update: COVID Cluster/Outbreak 
In response to the recent positive cases and now the achievement of 14 days with no community transmission restrictions have begun to ease. 

Local Government Areas impacted: Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay and Redlands.
Restriction Changes applicable to my services: Maximum of 30 people in a private residence 

My COVIDSAFE checklist still remains operational and compliant.


3 July 2020 COVID-19 Update: QLD Government Step 3 Easing of Restrictions
Once again there are few changes to operating requirements for Beauty Services in Step 3. It is still a requirement to be COVIDSAFE checklist compliant and to keep a register of Clients for 56 days. Social Distancing requirements during appointments remain unchanged. 

Mobile Services: Mobile services will recommence for Wedding Bookings only. As Weddings are group bookings and on location I have checklist compliant procedures in place to be able to conduct your booking.  All COVIDSAFE requirements for your day will be sent to you the week before.

Group Bookings: Social distancing requirements are still in place, due to the size of my home Studio only individual appointments can still be conducted (you will only be able to attend your appointment by yourself).

Interstate Clients: Interstate clients will only be accepted on an individual basis – each set of circumstances will be different. Please understand that whilst you may be coming from a safe place with no community transmission, your travel here will put you at risk. My service is deemed close contact and if you are put into quaratine or isolation, I will be required to as well which will affect my future bookings. To successfully book an appointment if you are an interstate traveller your will need to have isolated for 14 days and at the completion of the 14 days have a COVID test return a negative result. 

Operating Terms and Hours:
Monday-Friday: by request
Saturday: 9am-5pm – by appointment only
Sunday: 12pm-5pm – by appointment only
*Successful completion of Health Questionnaire & Declaration is required to have your Makeup Appointment.
** Mobile Services are only available for Wedding bookings.

Added Safety Measures required and are Completed/Compliant:
COVIDSAFE Training by TAFE Qld
WHS Plan
COVIDSAFE Checklist 

Added recommended Safety Measures:
Fluvax (May 2020)
COVIDSAFE app (downloaded)


0421 194 007


Health Questions & Declaration 

Please copy and complete the questions, returning your answers by email or message.

Prior to every appointment, each person that will have a makeup service MUST complete the Health Questions (each member of group bookings), to be completed 48hours before your appointment. This includes requesting some of your contact details to be recorded as a Client Register which is a Government required measure to provide services in the Beauty Industry. Strict privacy will be kept to ensure your details remain private and when they are no longer needed they will be destroyed (required to be kept for 56 days).

To protect myself, my clients and my family I have had my Fluvax Injection and downloaded the COVIDSAFE app.

Please see below the Health Questions and Declaration for links to Government Support Information.

1. Your Name?

2. Your Email Address?

3. Your Home Address?

4. Your Phone Number?

5. Have you had a coronavirus test in the past 14 days? Proof of negative result will be required.

6. Have you been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case in the past 14 days? 

7. Have you travelled to or returned from  interstate or overseas in the past 14 days? If yes please list the locations you have travelled to.

8. Have you been in contact with others from interstate in the past 14 days? (If you have been in contact with others from a known Hot Spot you will be unable to book an appointments until 14 days have passed and you have tested negative to coronavirus.)

9. Do you consent to your temperature being taken?

10. Have you read the information supplied (either by pdf format or drop down menus online) and understand it? 

11. Do you delcare you are in good health and not suffering from the following: fevers, difficulty breathing, runny nose, cough or fatigue?
(Coronavirus, influenza or cold & flu like symptoms)

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