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Email Reponse Times: If you have sent an email request but not received a response please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder. Due to COVID-19, many businesses have moved to online models and this has sent email filters into overdrive… new emails often land here. It is my aim to provide prompt communication, you will always here from me within 24hours.


What information do I need to send to request a Quote?

There are many ways to request a quote (by email, direct from here on my contact tab, Facebook Message, Instagram Message, Phone Call or Text Message.) So I am able to promptly prepare your Quote please send the following information…

  • Wedding Date
  • Address or Location you are getting ready at
  • Time of Ceremony
  • Number of Makeups and the break down (Bride, Bridesmaids, Mother etc)
  • Preferred time to be ready by (if you are having a ‘First Look’ session)

How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

I have been a Makeup Artist for 12 years. I spent my first 2.5 years in a Salon taking care of Bridal and Event Clients and mastering my skill (including Airbrushing). The remaining 9 years I have worked for myself as a Freelance Artist. I continue to offer Airbrushing and attend Makeup Master Classes (online education too!) to keep up to date and on trend.

My Makeup Artist cancelled on me, are you available?

If this is happening to you, please contact me direct immediately (by call or text message to 0421 194 007). If I am available I will absolutely take care of you (I try to be as flexible as possible around bookings – sometimes that might mean having you ready a tiny bit early) but if I am already booked I will pass on a list of personal recommendations for you to contact. There is always a way!

What Makeup do you use?

This is a very common and very important question. As a Professional Makeup Artist your Kit is what sets you a part – professional or hobbyist. I choose to use only professional, film and high-end quality products from a variety of brands to achieve longevity and best results for my clients. Allergies and Skin Sensitivities are also a huge consideration for me when collating my Kit. I include spf free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, fragrance free and latex free options in my Kit. [If you wish to wear an spf it is best to do so under your makeup – after your skin care routine – as certain spf in products when placed in certain lighting situations can create flash back in photography.]

Do I need to have a Trial?

It is completely your choice if you wish to have a Trial or not – although I do strongly recommend it. It is an opportunity for us to meet and chat about your day as well as design your ideal Wedding Makeup and apply. It is also an opportunity for you to ‘road test’ everything, which gives me the ability to tweak things, so they are perfect. If you are unsure or torn between ideas this will help you to decide – don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be stressful. I am here to guide you! At your Trial we also discuss the running of your day and the time schedule that best suits you. [I do often look after interstate Brides; this doesn’t always allow us the opportunity to Trial. In this situation we speak over the phone and send inspiration images back and forwards.]

When should I have my Trial?

It is ideal to book your Trial 6-8months before your Wedding Day but no later than 1 month before (2-4 months prior is the most popular time frame). Some Brides prefer to Trial before booking their chosen Artist – this absolutely ok! If this is your preference it is best to book your Trial 12 months before your day (this will give you time especially if you wish to Trial with more than 1 Artist).

I do want Lashes / I don’t want Lashes / Are Lashes included?

Lashes are a personal preference, I stock various styles in my Kit – natural through to bold and significant – also including different kinds – individual, half lash and strip lash choices. If you are unsure, having lashes applied at your Trial will help you see what they look like, it is your chance to try any ‘maybe’ things. A quick chat with me will also help you decide if you do or don’t want them – I am open and honest. If I feel you won’t be comfortable or certain styles will suit better than others, I will let you know. Lashes are included in all Airbrush Makeup applications and 1.5hour Trials complimentary. Lashes can be added to a Traditional/Natural Makeup for $10.00. [Lashes and glue are designed for single wear and not to be confused with the semi-permanent Lashes Extensions.]

Why do you charge a Travel Fee?

Travel Fees contribute to the cost of fuel, my time and wear and tear on my car and enable me to provide a mobile service (I absorb the remaining cost to offer a mobile service). If you would prefer not to pay a travel fee, I have my home Studio available for appointments located in Regency Downs.

Do you have a minimum booking for mobile services?

Local Booking – 0-25km travel to you – no minimum booking
Regular Booking – 25km+ but up to 1hr travel to you – 2 person minimum booking
Long Distance Booking – more than 1hr travel to you – 3 person minimum booking
Location Booking – more than 2hr travel to you – 4 person minimum booking
Destination Booking – more than 2.5hrs travel to you – 4 person minimum booking

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush Makeup is misted onto the skin, the term airbrush simply describes the application method. My product of choice is formulated specifically for airbrushing and has a beautiful, silky finish on the skin, very light weight and offers a ‘smudge proof, budge proof and tear proof’ application when correctly maintained. It is designed to have a 12 hour+ wear time. This product is best suited to normal/combination as well as reddened skin. It delicately mimics the skin surface while still having the ability to build the desired coverage (if your skin is very textured a combination of traditional and airbrush to smooth the surface is best).

What is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional Makeup is often referred to as Natural Makeup. Traditional Makeup offers a soft dewy finish on the skin and has many of coverage options. In my Kit I keep both silicone-based and water based and wax based options (the silicone-based option offers the ‘smudge, budge and tear’ protection). This is best suited to a very oily (Blotting and lightly powdering from time to time to remove shine), very dry or textured skin. Traditional Application allows a more specialist primer to be applied while prepping the skin without affecting the makeup – very oily skin will require a heavy duty mattifying primer, very dry skin will require a much more hydrating primer and textured skin will require a smoothing or pore filling primer. Traditional Applications are best for skin types that will require regular touch ups.

Is your Makeup Waterproof?

Across my Kit I have water based, wax based and silicone based products, I use the best fit for your skin type and occasion (keeping in mind any emotional or weather factors that may affect your makeup). Wax and Silicone based products offer a water-resistant finish, when set professionally and maintained correctly they will effectively withstand quite a lot of emotion and weather factors. This is considered ‘smudge proof, budge proof and tear proof’. Alcohol activated products are true waterproof products – most commonly used in tattoo cover or body art/paint products.

Do you have a particular ‘Makeup Style’?

As a Makeup Artist I have a very ‘real’ approach, personally I am a minimal makeup wearer – also a glasses wearer – (but still love to glam up if an occasion calls for it!), I hear you when you say you want a natural look and I get what that means. My most requested looks are my Natural, Natural but defined and Classic Makeup looks but I certainly do keep up with the trends through education. When I have the chance, I love to be creative. Have a look through my portfolio’s – I have Bridal & Editorial work, published Bridal and Editorial work, as well as recent Real-Life galleries you can view. Following my Social Media is also a great way to view my work – I share my everyday makeup life there!

I have a Cold Sore, can you cover it?

It is important that you advise me if you or a member of your booking has a cold sore. Cold Sores are a contagious illness and easily transferred if proper hygiene is not maintained. If your cold sore (or any other contagious illness) affects a greater area on the face makeup services may not be able to be completed due to the risk of infection and to others. Any open sore/cut/graze will be unable to be covered due to the increased risk of infection. Further information is available on request regarding cuts/sores/grazes, skin conditions and contagious illnesses and what that means for your makeup booking. Your health and maintaining a hygienic Kit are top priority to me, all safety measures are taken.

I have allergies.

No problems at all! It is important to advise me at the time of your enquiry that you do have an allergy/sensitive skin and how severe your reaction can be. I feel that over my time in makeup I have come across many common and uncommon sensitivities and each time I will always research the ingredient lists of my products to ensure your safety (I am already very familiar with what my products of choice contain but double checking is always a good choice!).



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