13 years [and a pineapple perfect party]

On the 29th April 2021 I celebrated a special milestone in my career, 13 years! So why 13? Easy, it’s my lucky number. And why the 29th April? This is the date that I completed my initial study in makeup all those years ago!

13 years has been…
I didn’t set out to become a Makeup Artist, in fact it found me. With a long work history in Pharmacy and Sports Medicine, then onto Financial Administration… my life took a twist and it meant evaluating everything. I feel into a Management position in a Beauty Salon and discovered my creative flair in makeup and completed study. After 3 years I left the salon environment and pursued my career as a Freelance Makeup Artist while being Mum to our boys. And here I am… having run my own business for decade in this industry. 

13 years of achievements…
29 published Editorials
4 published Vogue Italia images
23 published Wedding Editorials
13 published Real Life Weddings
7 published and exclusively written Advice Articles
12 TV Commercials and a You Tube Series
1 feature film
1 Album artwork feature for an International Musician

•Hundreds of Event, Photo Shoot & Formal Clients
•More than 600 Weddings (I lost count)

•2019 Ipswich Women in Business Customer Service Award Winner
•2019 LVRC Business Award Finalist
•2020 Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist – Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific Awards (Australia Wide)
•2020 Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year – Brides Choice Awards for Southern Qld Country
•2021 AMIA Bridal/Formal Makeup Artist Finalist

The many years include countless hours of emails, phone calls, late nights, early starts… It has meant missing (or being late) for family birthdays and anniversaries. Working my own birthday each year (which I actually really love doing!). And always being the last person ready. But it has allowed me to be part of and care for people in the happiest moments of their lives! I have also volunteered on many occasions to care for the terminally unwell so they can have lasting beautiful memories with their loved ones (yep, I cried with the family). 

“I am so lucky to have one of the best jobs in the world and the past 13 years has gone in the blink of an eye – except last year. I felt every single day of last year! Despite the twists and turns of 2020 I was able to step up for my clients putting into practise many things that had only been ideas a short while before as well home school our boys and keep them safe. In the Covid year I was recognised as Bridal Makeup Artist of the year 2020 in The Brides Choice Awards for Southern Queensland Country and a Top 7 Finalist for Makeup Artist of the year 2020 in the MAGAP Australia wide Awards. I was blown away! My silly COVID year of sleepless nights, hundreds of phone calls and emails had been recognised. Last year made this celebration even more important.

The party and celebration was my way of saying thank you to each and every person for your support/guidance/recommendations and to acknowledge that this support has continued far beyond our first meeting or appointments and lasting friendships have been made. It is impossible for me to say enough ‘thank you’s’ for everything you have all given me.  You have all been my community and I am beyond thrilled to create and care for you and with you!

To my clients, I love being a part of your occasions, every time! and it is really special to be invited back to care for you time and time again. I’ve become an adopted member of your families, so if my lot get sick me… guess where I’m going?! 

To my colleagues and business friends, nothing ever goes un-noticed. I know we only get brief moments to catch up while working but knowing we can support each other without long conversations and simply by a smile is a skill we’ve all mastered.

There are a few people here that have been irreplaceable to me over the years. Whether that be by supporting me as another business in the Wedding Industry, your friendship (and listening ears) or your amazing skills to help me grow my business. I treasure every one one of you!”

This is more than a job or career. It’s just like coffee, it runs through my veins. I have found my purpose in life. 

Thank you to the following businesses for getting me and my party ready for the night;

OHS Compliance Solutions
Euphoric Seed
Poppy and Sage Photography
Baked by Brooke
Macs by Mrs T
The Hair Artist Collective
OMG Decadent Donuts
Porter’s Plainland Hotel