How can I be creative with your Wedding Bouquet?

Keep an open mind and be playful. Let the floral composition compliment your dress or let it be the star, – either way your bouquet should be unique. I love writing the floral recipe for my clients because it is personal and perhaps one of the most important accessories a bride carries on her wedding day. The ribbon styling plays a huge part toot. Favourites are couture fabrics like silks 100% and subtle French velvet ribbons. These fine details add unique movement to your pictures.
[Inspirational Spring Bouquets Nadja created for our Lush Orchard Shoot captured by Lucy Sheedy]

What Bouquet sizes and shapes are most popular?

For the bride a medium to large and for the bridesmaids a smaller size is 99% the choice of clients.   Shapes have changed and continue to evolve with seasonal trends. The natural and more organic gathered look is amongst the more favoured shapes. The bouquets are loose and open with something interesting to see overall. The blooms have slight movement and allow to be shown from all sides, for extra comfort I love to style them with a face and a ‘back’ for the bouquet to sit easy in your hand and doesn’t need to be held awkwardly tilted to be seen in pictures. For your bridesmaids a smaller loose posy style is most commonly the choice.

What type of installations are your favourite? (your vision, how you create and construct)

Installations are close to my heart as they let my creativity loose. Clearly freestyle hanging or ‘growing’ installations are my heroes. I love to transform trees, posts, balconies, church portals or staircases into a wild garden settings with florals and greens ‘growing’ up on them.. Most venues give us a blank canvas to colour in. This is the fun part to work as a team with your florist or stylist. Keep an open mind, instead of repeating what has been ‘popular’ at that venue talk to us to create your unique style. Often installation can be re-purposed after the ceremony and be transferred to the reception to maximise the use of florals.

We plan each installation into detail, often base frames are custom made almost like for a sculpture. There are different ways and techniques used in every case. My goal is to achieve the perfect look first of all alongside the perfect proportion in the space setting | longevity| cost efficiency| sustainability. We test different techniques and choose the best suitable each time.
[pictured below is the amazing floral ‘cloud’ installation for Kelsey & Aaron’s Wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead captured by Leah Cruikshank]

Styling your table settings with blooms? Greenery? or both?!

I love greens in abundance and would always add blooms with pops of colour to it. Even the greenery itself should be pretty with an interesting texture. The perfect balance is for me when blooms & greens naturally fit together. That way you can add as little or as much to suit your budget.  

What is the best way to take care of your Bouquet if you are wanting to preserve it?

Depending on the technique chosen to preserve it some extra care may be needed. Traditional framed dried blooms are still popular, enclosed blooms in glass balls are amazing too, so are raisin jewellery with your flowers to wear on special dates for many years to come. Important is to communicate before hand with the florist and the professional who will preserve them for you, plan logistics like transport time before the date. It is much appreciated when you share the end result with your florist. We love seeing those pictures!

Any general floral tips for Wedding Days?

As much as you plan all the LITTLE details, changes are part of the process. Weather conditions can impact and make it necessary to adapt. Don’t stress over it, embrace change and enjoy the time together with the love of your life. This is only the first day of a lifetime together!

 [all floral bouquets and arrangements created by Le Sans Souci and captured by Poppy & Sage Photography and Lucy Sheedy Photographer]

I’ve always loved fresh flowers, it has been so special to be part of many shoots and Wedding Day’s with Le Sans Souci and I have never seen a creation of hers didn’t fall in love with!

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