The Juggle, struggle and celebration is real! [International Women’s Day Speech]

On Sunday morning 8th March 2020, I was asked to speak at the Ipswich Women in Business champagne breakfast celebration for Internation Women’s Day. It was an honour. At the time I didn’t realise how much I needed to say this to myself and it hit me in the chest (several times, I’ll be honest!) when speaking to the gathering. I felt safe but vulnerable and I let my walls down. 

Fast forward a few weeks and who would have thought we’d be amidst a health crisis on a global scale. So as I stay home in self isolation… rereading this reminds me of a more optomistic version of myself, one that had a huge year ahead. Now reduced to very little for the safety of my family and myself. These Alice in Wonderland quotes have never seemed more fitting.

Good morning and Welcome!

 I’d like to start by acknowledging 2 very important reasons we are here today.

  1. International Women’s Day – the birthday of all woman kind and the celebration of our connection to each other.
  2. IWIB – not only for hosting this event but for being an avenue for that connection, who are also celebrating their 10th Birthday year. Today we come back to the humble and beautiful beginnings that is this village and community.

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ I’d like to extend on that and add ‘it takes a community to build a business’. I will touch on aspects of motherhood, being a wife and solo Business Owner today, and it is my hope that you can take at least 1 thing with you to make you stop, think and do.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your personal life or business, ‘the juggle, the struggle and celebration is real!’

Hi, I’m Tyneale or when I’m not wearing my Business hat, I’m just TJ. It’s an honour to stand here today and share my journey and views on all things personal and business. 

Firstly, I became mother, my eldest son turns 11 this year and I’ve no idea where that time went. In total I have 3 boys. Currently 10, 7 and 2. I’m surrounded.

Secondly, I became wife. This year my husband and I reach 10years married. We’ve shared low’s and high’s, but he’s always been my favourite person to annoy and my biggest support.

Thirdly, I became a solo Business Owner.

My crash landing into Makeup was not the original plan. I worked for many years in Pharmacy (and no I wasn’t at the makeup counter, I was in fact the wound care specialist, sports medicine and vitamin guru) from there I moved to admin and management for a Financial Advising firm. My background has always been in Customer Service. I longed for work closer to home and began working in a beauty salon, thus my start in Makeup and skin care. To strike that work/life balance and to meet the needs of my baby (by being home with him and not requiring the use of day care) and being a new mum, after 2.5years I stepped out on my own to pursue my hobby/passion in Makeup, I was petrified. I had a hope and a dream and no idea where to start but I worked hard! This meant long hours when my husband was home to care for our son, early starts, collaborating and volunteering. Striving for opportunities that didn’t always end in success but all along this journey I have remained me. Unique and quirky, caring and organised. At some point along the way my hobby became a Career. So, what makes me different to any other Makeup Artist? I’m told I have an uncanny ability to find all the lost souls and care for them, a superpower I inherited from my Mother – she cares for children. And although she drives me bonkers at the best of times, I owe her recognition for passing down to me the wholehearted care I give without hesitation to my clients, my family and anyone in a 5km radius. The service-based industry is an incredibly personal one and it is my love and care for people that makes my world spin. ‘One of the deep secrets of life is that all is really worth the doing is what we do for others’ Lewis Carroll

This year I will be 12years in my Industry and am now regarded as a Mentor to studying Artists at various Tafe Campus’ as well as Senior and Specialist Artist. I am my own brand.

I want to jump forward to today and share some of my Career Highlights that I have achieved in my 12yrs:

  • Being published Australia Wide and Internationally many times both in fashion and bridal
  • Featuring on Vogue Italia online but also one image making it to print in Vogue Magazine
  • Shooting an Editorial with Amanda Palmer when she was in Australia on her last tour (which later had selected images from that shoot feature in her Album Artwork) and being paid for it! – Yes not every job is paid… that’s a discussion for another day!
  • Achieving my hope and dream to grow my business in balance with my family life
  • Finally taking a chance on me and responding to Award nominations and being successful! Thus realising my own self worth
  • Achieving the variety, I hoped for in my scope of work – Bridal and Events are my jam but also having regular Commercial/TV, Corporate and Editorial Clients

And last but not least,

  • Collecting friends and not just Clients along the way

Please rest assured not every minute of my journey was lollipops and rainbows, I have learnt many hard lessons along the way and I’m sure there are more to come. By embracing my imperfections, I have allowed my clients to see and get to know the real ‘me’. I don’t fit the conventional Makeup Artist mould, I have visible tattoos, a crazy haircut and wear bold print dresses to work. My tattoos have emotional meaning to my life and my hair cut is a nod to my Mum’s Breast Cancer journey. She wouldn’t let me shave my head with her. My mum is thankfully is many years clear of this horrible disease.

The world demands we fit a certain look in our jobs and careers. My advice is be you. Be different and be unique. If I had the opportunity to send a message to my younger self personally and in business here’s what I’d say. ‘Every adventure requires a first step’

  1. The Juggle, the struggle and Celebration is real! – Without the support of my family and extended family my business would simply not be functional. There are so many times when both myself and my husband need to work at the same time. My sister has played a huge role in caring for our children at these moments, they simply adore her. My mother and mother in law also help when they can. My grandfather (my boys’ great grandfather) also helped with my eldest son in the early days. There is always a way! This special bunch of people are always the first to celebrate my wins or be a listening ear when I need it. ‘This is impossible said Alice, only if you believe it is said The Hatter’.
  2. Believe in yourself – Being self and solo employed can be very isolating at times. Believing in yourself and ability will be one of the hardest things to do. But at some point, you need to stop and acknowledge that although you might not be successful every time, you will learn, grow and redefine your direction every time. This is good! For example, last year a dear friend nominated me for the Customer Service Award for the IWIB, I was still required to respond and complete my entry, which I did. I had nothing to lose by taking a chance on me. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect on me and my business and realise what it is I do and give to people as I completed the questions. I was so excited to receive my email as a finalist and firmly believed I would not be the recipient, but I was proud of my achievement by being acknowledged. Being announced as the winner was an incredible surprise and changed many things for me but mostly It told me to be kinder to myself and that I was worth the chance. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful comments and messages I received from everyone when I announced my achievement. This award will always have a special place in my heart, it has changed me and my business for the better in a huge way! I waited 11years to ‘try’ and take a chance on me because I never felt good enough. Take it from me, take the chance now. ‘If you knew time as well as I do’ said the Hatter ‘you wouldn’t talk about wasting it.’
  3. Find your Village – Finding your village isn’t something that always comes easy. Most villages begin from from friendships your children have expanding to the rest of the family. Finding your village isn’t always something you can set out to do, be aware, reach out and smile at people. Your village might already be beside you… you just haven’t seen it yet! To me my village is like my inner voice, I know what they will say and do already. It gives me love, support, fun and happiness but also is constructive and holds me accountable. ‘If you cannot look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark!’.
  4. Find your Community – Your community might be an extension of your Village in my case it is. My community also includes a network of other businesses in my industry but also other Makeup Artists. We support and recommend each other but most importantly back each other. Having a staff meeting by yourself is very one sided!
  5. Dream big, refine your ideas and chase them! – Business tips for 2020! •engage with people and other businesses (join forces and collaborate!) if you don’t send your message to the world how will the world know it exists? •be accessible – have a website and make use of social media (digital is the way of the future) • keep a journal (I have a note book I write ideas in or plan my day in… it’s like a window to my mind). •start each new year with a set of goals and tick them off when you achieve them and celebrate it! •be flexible – move or adjust your goals if you need to. This is growth! ‘Sometimes I believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!’
  6. Balance – To give to others we must first give to ourselves. You must find down time or away time. A way to fill your cup. I try to have brunch with my 2 closest friends once a week (yes with little ones still in toe but the big kids are at school!) we all share a love for eggs benny! Some days we laugh and some days there are tears but EVERY TIME I leave refreshed, refocused and ready to do life. Find something you enjoy and make time for it once a week.
  7. Read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – Alice has a unique view on her world. To me, It’s a way of life. Every quote I have mentioned today is from this book or the Author.

There is a feeling of freedom when the opportunities are endless but limiting when they are few. It’s time to Stop, flip your world upside down for a different perspective. Be as lost as Alice or as mad as the Hatter, find your White Rabbit and follow him.

And while you navigate the journey, I want you to remember;
‘This is my dream, I’ll decide where it goes from here!’