Social Media, your window to the world!


I’ll admit I do love a good scroll from time to time, it’s a great way to catch up with friends and family at a time when you actually have time. Stories are so much fun to watch and interact with, it’s a great way to find events too!  

How to find your Makeup Artist on Social Media? – getting to know Business’s is easy! Check out below for my hints for what social media can tell you about a Makeup Artist, you never know when the occasion will call for a bit of pampering!

Years ago printed portfolios and more basic websites was how you viewed your Artist’s work but thanks to Facebook and Instagram, viewing and choosing your Artist has become much more streamlined! Being so digital and interactive it does make for an enjoyable experience visually while getting to know your potential choices… AND you can do this anytime, anywhere! Websites are still very important though, be sure to click the website link while on social media [you can view mine HERE], no website listed? Have a google search. All professional Makeup Artists really should have a website. There, I said it. Maybe who you have found is a hobbyist? Or influencer? None of these options are wrong, if it fits your brief and budget make contact, there is so much you can learn about a person through conversation.

HOT TIP: Check the ‘Review’ tab and have a read of the comments on posts before you go ahead and book. If you were a little unsure before contacting, this will help you decide!

Personality & Personable
Social Medias really allow for your true self to shine through, and quite often people tend to overshare. This is not always a bad thing for you as the customer or client, long before you book an appointment you already feel like you know this person. Behind the scenes or before and after pictures are great to look over, most of us are creative types so it can be quite fun to follow along! There are many Artists with many styles – not every Artist is right for every person. Remember to base your choice on the whole person too, there is no point booking someone who can cut crease and glam like no one before… who is also known for cancelling last minute or doesn’t show up. [Thank goodness for online reviews and testimonials, this can really save you booking someone who is not professional!]

Skill Set & Variety
This is a rather obvious point to make, I get it, you wouldn’t be following someone if you didn’t like their work but this is so much more broad than application. For example I primarily am a Bridal and Event Artist but I am also regularly booked for Commercial, Corporate and TV work. A well rounded scope of work means your Artist has a great understanding of many styles and situations, they will also have past experience to draw on. Or perhaps it is the other end of the scale, there really is just the one style of work focused on, the person you are following probably specialises in this.

Filters & Photo’s
Most Artists prefer to share a mix of both their own photos and professional photos, looking at both is a great way to get a true grasp of what the makeup would have looked like in person. I do want to mention filters, now we are Makeup Artists not photographers, we are not always able to work and photograph in the best lighting conditions (and taking portable lighting everywhere for a quick picture isn’t always practical) I personally think it is far more honest to post a photo with an explanation rather than filter it – we know you aren’t silly and can spot a filter a mile away!

Attention to detail, framed and colour co-ordinated feeds will tell you a lot about the person or business you are following, they are precise and care about the way the world views them. It is fair to expect that this is how your artist would be in person – it is a way to express different personalities (I love to pop in funny quotes here and there, usually about coffee!). Yes, there are social media services available… but in all honesty I know most artists prefer to run their own social media but may engage a company to post for them. All of this is pre planned so you can rest assured you are still seeing the real picture!

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So next time you choose to scroll, let your down time help you out!